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CRS as a way of life

As a family company, corporate social responsibility is a given for us. We work on our company in order to pass a better version on to the next generation. This means that we go for long-term success instead of short-term profit target. As part of our policy, we search for a harmonious balance between People, Planet and Profit. In practice, this means we treat both our employees and our customers as a good steward. We daily work with attention for the environment and our surroundings. We stimulate the use of sustainable materials, want to reduce energy consumption, reduce waste and so on. We do this by minimising cutting waste and burning biomass to heat our own building and a number of houses in our vicinity. We want to be a successful company in our markets based on these values. This way of working is a commitment, embedded in our policy statement below and in various certificates that are also accessible to you on our website.

Socially involved

As a company, supporting local initiatives and foundations is very important to us. We do so by providing financial support, but also by actively rolling up our sleeves and making resources available. We have associated ourselves with multiple nationally and internationally active organisations engaged in helping our fellow humans as well as the world. Below you can find a selection of initiatives and organisations that we support and that you also use your support.

Stichting Compassion NL: With a unique child sponsoring programme, this foundation has helped over 2 million children in poverty in every part of their lives: their heart, mind, body and spirit. This allows them to truly escape poverty.

Woord&Daad: Woord&Daad works from a Biblical perspective to create sustainable change for people in poverty. This organisation creates hope and new opportunities together. The organisation has a business-oriented approach. They select a good project, work with low overhead costs and a lot of personal involvement.

Kozakken Boys: Hoogendoorn also supports local football club Kozakken Boys, which serves an important and social function for its members in Werkendam and the surrounding area in terms of sports and exercise. The club is also a permanent partner of ‘Make a Wish’*. Their first team – worthy second division players – contributes to an increased familiarity of this charity thanks to it national reach. Hoogendoorn is happy to contribute to this charity.

*Make a Wish helps make the greatest wish of children with illnesses come true.


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