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An interior starts with solid preparation. Our versatile team likes to think along with customers to propose a suitable solution. Knowledge is the basis for this. Keeping up with the almost daily changing range of materials and processing methods is essential for us to remain at the forefront as a leading interior builders in the Netherlands. We like to be involved in projects as early as the design phase, so that we can indicate cost-saving applications in concept designs. Concept designs are converted by our work preparation into proposal and production drawings, according to the latest modern three-dimensional drawing program.

Because we are in charge of all facets of the profession, including painting, upholstery, steelwork and lighting, we can take care of all our customers’ needs. Our skilled team builds up the custom-made furniture produced in our workshop before it is finally installed on site. In this way we reduce production errors to a minimum. Keeping everything under control ensures that we meet the agreed planning within the customer’s budget and quality requirements.

Even after delivery Hoogendoorn 1961 is and remains the point of contact. After all, sustainability of interiors is partly determined by maintenance and service. For these matters we offer our customers a plan for periodic maintenance and possible calamities. Everything under one roof with the person who made and installed it and therefore knows about the ins and out.

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